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Thermatec Thermal Spray Repair Parts & Consumables

Over 90% of our products are made right here at our facilities. This allows us to deliver consistent high quality parts, time after time and on schedule.

Precision Manufacturing of Thermal Spray Repair Parts & Consumables

We maintain the strictest tolerances, up to .0005 and Roughness Averages (Ra) from 2-4 with our HVOF nozzles. Strict inspections are applied at the floor level on CNC or milling machines, to our final inspection department. All parts are hand polished and packaged with gloves.

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Spare Parts For Most Thermal Spray Systems

HVOF, Plasma, Twin Wire Arc, Flame Spray, Powder Flame Spray – Nozzles, combustion chamber, injectors, o-rings, air caps, anodes, tips, electrodes.

Thousands of Parts in Stock

The latest inventory technologies assure our customers will get the parts they need, when they need them.


Thermatec products are guaranteed against any material or manufacturing defects and to give complete satisfaction under normal working conditions. All parts are quaranteed to meet or exceed OEM quality and longevity.

We boast some of the best product warranties on the market, we’re so confident in the durability of our products that some even come with LIFETIME warranties.

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