Thermaltech Cleancut Lasertech Lightning PHD & PHDX
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On-Site Lightning Demonstration

Lightning® is the most durable MIG welding equipment on the market, allowing welders to keep working in destructive environments without worrying about damaging their most important tool.

Fill out the form on this page and we'll work with you to demonstrate in-person just how Lightning® can help your business:

  • Save costs in labor.
  • Throw away less consumables.
  • Get high-quality builds consistently.

Our highly-motivated sales team will follow-up with a phone call within one business day to go in more depth with you on the equipment you're currently using and the results you should see in converting your guns to Lightning®.

This demonstration is only available for businesses with 25 or more MIG Guns. 

The Process


1. Phone Call

We'll call you within one business day to get more information about your equipment.


2. In-Person Meeting

We'll send a specialist to your facilities to demonstrate Lightning® to you and your operators. 


3. ROI Presentation

We'll perform a 1-to-1 test comparison of Lightning® vs. your equipment brand.


4. Full Conversion

When we prove Lightning® to out-perform your equipment, we'll start the full gun-conversion process.

Withstands a 6,000lb Forklift

Lightning®'s high-strength N-66 handle is engineered with a special impact additives and reinforcing ribs, making it indestructible. 

In the rare case that it is damaged, we've got your back with a lifetime warranty on the handle and trigger switch.

The Most Durable Cable On The Market

The secret behind Lightning®'s super tough cable is electron-beam accelerators that modify and strengthen the outer cover. This protective shield guards against tearing, stretching and abrasion.

Copper stand-count and gauge is optimized for each cable's amperage rating, resulting in a perfect blend of flexibility and strength.