Thermaltech Cleancut Lasertech Lightning PHD & PHDX



Lightning® is the most durable MIG welding equipment on the market, allowing welders to keep working in destructive environments without worrying about damaging their most important tool.

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Indestructible Handles

Semi-automatic torches are equipped with ergonomic N-66 handles that are engineered with special impact-resistant additives that stand up to extreme impact.

Its handle and trigger switch are backed with a lifetime guarantee, if it somehow breaks, we’ll replace it for free.

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Lightning MIG Gun Cable Durability

Durable Cables

All cables come equipped with a high copper strand count, electron-beam accelerators and Hytrel® inner-tubing that make them kink- and impact-resistant.

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Our consumables meet rigid standards including spectroscopic verification of raw materials and Cognex micro vision-inspection of all critical dimensions. These measurement systems are capable of detecting variances of up to .0005 inches.

Nozzles are hard drawn copper or brass in a variety of shapes and sizes. The high-polished finish offers superior spatter protection and brass inserts are designed to protect against wear.

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Consumables Designed To Last

  1. Dual start-point threads allow re-seating of the tip when wire wear begins to affect performance. Just rotate the tip counter-clockwise 180º to a new wear-point and double the life of the contact tip.
  2. The cool-running Lightning® tapered-seat contact tip is designed to dissipate heat quickly through increased surface area, and maximize electrical conductivity.
  3. Protective inner armor – a brass alloy insert – guards against wear and extends nozzle life.

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Creating A Better

The Lightning gun has been the best addition to my shop in concern to welding because of how durable and well constructed it is.

~ Robert Robles, Complete Truck & Body

I use one daily on my miller at work and I love it.

~ Wolf Strohm

Had one for a few years now and absolutely love it!

~ Lincoln B.

It’s a solid sturdy gun made in America and I’m so happy with it I honestly stop every customer who welds or may fabricate on their free time to show them this gun that continues to genuinely amaze me.

~ Robert Robles, Complete Truck & Body

madeInamerica-greyMade In The U.S.A.

All Lightning® products are made right here are our USA facility in Bradenton, FL.

We boast some of the best product warranties on the market, we’re so confident in the durability of our products that some even come with LIFETIME warranties.

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