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On-Site CleanCut Demonstration

CleanCut™ Technology changes the industry of plasma cutting by reducing plasma arc turbulence with a high-velocity configuration, stabilizing and accelerating the gas column and producing ultra-smooth cuts.

Fill out the form on this page and we'll work with you to demonstrate in-person just how Lightning® can help your business:

  • CleanCut™'s ability to reduce the usage of your consumables by 25-30%.
  • How CleanCut™ can help you get cleaner cuts with a 2º unintended bevel.
  • That CleanCut™ will help you save costs in labor and keep production moving.

Our highly-motivated sales team will follow up within 24 hours of your submission. We'll go more in depth with you on the type of equipment you have and the comparitive differences you should expect to see. We know CleanCut™ will help bring your business to the next level. 

Designed as an upgrade and compatible for high-amperage systems such as:

  • ATTC® PHD®, PHDX® 130, 260 & 400 AMP systems
  • Hypertherm® HPR® 130, 260 & 400 AMP systems
  • Hypertherm® Maxpro-200® systems
  • ESAB® PT36®, PT19, & PT600® systems

The Process


1. Phone Call

We'll call you within one business day to get more information about your equipment.


2. In-Person Meeting

We'll send a specialist to your facilities to demonstrate CleanCut™ to you and your operators. 


3. ROI Presentation

We'll perform a 1-to-1 test comparison of CleanCut™ vs. your equipment brand.


4. Full Conversion

When we prove CleanCut™ to out-perform your equipment, we'll start the full torch-conversion process.


The Technology Behind The CleanCut™ Nozzle

CleanCut™’s high-velocity design reduces turbulence, stabilizes and accelerates the plasma arc column. The design is based on advanced rocket-engine technology and creates smooth cuts.

Compared to standard and high definition designs, CleanCut™'s internal nozzle design pressurises the flow of gas. Once the pressure is released, it provides a more narrow, stable plasma arc. This also allows for a quicker piercing time for thicker plates/materials.

The Technology Behind The CleanCut™ Electrode

CleanCut™ Electrodes are tipped with silver, which helps the plasma consumables run cooler since silver electrodes have a higher thermal-conductivity than copper electrodes. On average, silver electrodes last 2x longer than copper, which increases the life of the rest of your plasma consumables.

  • Get more efficient cooling
  • Extend hafnium electrode life
  • Achieve 25%-50% longer production time

“I usually struggle on my fixed-bevel jobs and my torch has been eating up 6 sets of consumables per day. With this new CleanCut™ technology I’m able to get over twice the life out of my consumables, my cuts are cleaner, piercings are rounder and I am able to turn up my cutting speed.

American Torch Tip worked with me to solve my problems on time."

Keith J. - Pennsylvania

"We were spending way too much on plasma consumables, so I got the CleanCut™ free trial from ATTC and tried them out on my HPR. My cuts were cleaner and the consumables lasted longer than my standard brand did. The nozzle stayed true and the electrodes definitely last longer and burn cooler and cleaner.

We’ve decreased downtime for change outs by about 12% over the past month. I don’t know how much time we’ve saved on needing to grind dross and slag, but it’s plenty.

The tech guys at ATTC were helpful. They have a plasma specialist who followed up with me to make sure other parts of my plasma system were running as well as possible. He helped me find and fix a problem in my cooling system I didn’t even know I had."

Lucas G. - Washington