Thermaltech Cleancut Lasertech Lightning PHD & PHDX


Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting evolved out of plasma welding into an efficient technology of cutting sheet metal in the 1980’s. It is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials (steel, stainless steel, copper etc.) by passing a very fast jet of hot plasma through the torch. To make the plasma, an electric arc is passed through a gas such as nitrogen or oxygen creating another state of matter = plasma.

Our branded plasma cutting products include PHD®, PHDX® and CleanCut™ Technology consumables.

Mechanized Plasma Cutting Equipment

Mechanized plasma cutting is a process in which a plasma torch is placed onto a cutting table, controlled by a CNC nesting software to automate the process of cutting electrically conductive metals into shapes for industrial use.

High amperage torches and systems are designed to cut thicker materials quicker, increasing productivity and decreasing costs for the manufacturing industry.

American Torch Tip offers premium plasma cutting consumables and precision torches designed to get the cut you need, regardless if using mechanized tables or robotic cutting technology.

Handheld Plasma Cutting

Handheld plasma cutting torches are designed for cutting electrically conductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. High speed, clean cuts and affordability are what make handheld plasma cutting a widespread process for:

  • Fabrication shops
  • Automotive repair and restoration
  • Industrial construction
  • Salvage and scrapping

For large-scale industrial applications and high-amperage cutting with precision cutting, see mechanized plasma cutting.


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