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Innovation from the Beginning

In 1940, John Walters Sr. and a group of businessmen saw a need for quality replacement torch tips, and created American Torch Tip. Innovation, research and better designs were the building blocks of our early years and we still hold true to that philosophy today.

Today we produce thousands of items including guns, torches, consumables and replacement parts for 6 platforms – Plasma, MIG, Oxy-fuel, TIG, Thermal Spray and Laser systems.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Because we don’t rely on outsourcing, we control the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Raw materials are carefully sourced and inspected using spectral-analysis. During manufacturing, automated vision systems are used to verify that exact tolerances are maintained. After final assembly more procedures including pressure-, flame-, leak- and performance-testing ensure that our products meet stringent ATTC standards.

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Distributor Network

78+ years of longstanding relationships with our widespread distributor network in over 50 countries around the world.


We stock THOUSANDS of products for the 6 most common cutting and welding platforms including MIG, Plasma, Oxy Fuel, Laser, TIG and Thermal Spray.


Same-day shipping on most standard products. No cut off times. Over 24,000 products offered.

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